Thursday, September 2, 2010

Out with KMart yarn.:(

Wool eater in progress..
Back to the wool shop today to buy more of the yarn dazzle. Although a cheap yarn

It crochets up soft, unlike the yarn I purchased from Kmart.. so dissapointing.
But I must not complain , I can now get on with CAL and not be last to 
finish.. :))

The sun shone down beautifully today , so it was out in the garden for me.
It is amazing the titles one can pick up , gardener, fencing contractor, arborist..
Yes thats me today.. and I enjoyed every minute of it. :))


Teen2 said...

Very pretty though Pat and it is certainly growing, i can see i will have to get a wriggle on LOL... :))

glor said...

I love the colors that you are using. This is such a wonderful blanket. Its so cozy on cold winter nights. Have a great day.

Maria said...

Well I joined in the CAL, but not the wool-eater. Reworking another project. And I am now waiting on more wool to turn up from Bendigo so I can get on with it

pattas said...

Thats great Maria, now all we need is apic of what you are crocheting :)) And I love buying wool online..The Kid in me just gets better as I mature LOL..