Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surprise Win..and Gift..

My day started out as usual,........ until I turned on my pc and started to read a few blogs I love to follow........ over at esmes I had won this lovely package of goodies..I sent a message asking was it really me LOL.The reply was yes"" , come and collect any time , so I did .... Now who's a happy girl :)).....Thanks Lillian :))

All the new materials had arrived and the shop was abuzz with happy quilters,for me choosing what colours for my project was the next problem..there is never just one project .. you know how it is.. but this pic shows you what
I came out with..
 I didn't dare look at the yarns and cottons ... Next time... lol

My very good friend  Tina made these lovely owls for me plus
these crocheted washes for my DS and DIL...They are expecting their first baby any time now :))

The Chef has been busy once again in the kitchen, drying apples, capsicum,and toms, making more tom chutney,sauce, and tom paste, tasty produce from the garden ,  great for winter dishes :)) Thanks Hun ..

Thats it for now ,, don't forget to check out esmes and Tina ..
Happy Crafting from me to you :))


Christina Street said...

wow! Pat you are a lucky lady.. What a lovely surprise.. Well done.. thanks for letting us taste the cinnamon apples yesterday. Really yummmy Lol.. I think I put on at least a kilo... :)xx

Dorothy said...

What a lovely surprise to win that beautiful fabric. Tina has been busy - I love those little owls - so cute. You're very lucky to have someone to make that yummy looking chutney for you. I think I've said it before - when you've finished with him, can I be in the draw ?

Tanya Murray said...

Wow! A huge post full of good things. Congratulations. Loving those face washers too.

Debi Y. said...

What a great prize - congrats. Love the little owls, and the washcloths will surely come in handy with a new baby. Ask the Chef if he can come to my house and make us some sauces. :)

Jaclyn said...

I love the crochet washes...congrats on your win! Very nice material.

Vikki Hooks said...

sounds like life is good!!

pattas said...

Thankyou ladies for your kind comments :))
Yes you did put a smile on my face this morning, Even the chef thought it was sweet..:))

Christina Street said...

Hi Pat, love the new look of your blog.. did you have a little help from a friend? Lol.... :)

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Okay. There is so much loveliness going on over here I might squeal out loud! Great projects and congrats on your prize winnings!