Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jug covers..

This is one of my favourite patterns for a jug cover, I must admit , I had a few moments with it... something to do with getting older LOL..

crochet in #30 cotton , 1.25 steel hook..

1.25 hook and # 20 Cebelia cotton..
Love the name... Billabong Cafe.. Just had to make a couple of these cup and saucers.. maybe throw in a tea pot or two..

I dived into my fat quarter boxes and started to use some of my stash..
Some have not seen the light of day for
Making the top of a quilt  always is exciting and fun, .... I am not so hot when it comes to quilting by hand...But thats where Lizzie the quilter comes in.. :))
I can smell some wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen, the chef is making a pizza....
Cheers for now... Hugs (())


Leanne said...

Wow Pat, your crochet is absolutely beautiful. You are clever. I love your cup and saucers blocks, I look foreward to quilting this one for you.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful work Pat. Even though I've had both my eyes 'done' and my sight has improved 100%, I still don't think I'd ever attempt such fine crochet. I do admire those who do. xox

Debi Y. said...

The jug covers are lovely. You always make such pretty things.

I love quilts and hope to one day get up the nerve to try to make one. (p.s. before you get too far on your tea cups quilt, look at the purple flower one at the bottom of the picture) :)

Faith said...

Hi My friend..these are lovely, and the quilt squares how cute these are..

Vikki Hooks said...

I think those cups will make a great quilt..I had to click on the pic to see what it was about. Pizza sounds good to me!!

Cheryl said...

Love the jug covers, I can't imagine attempting something so intricate, they're beautiful :) xx

Anne said...

I have got a really old jug cover, although it has seen better days its very beautiful. The cover you made is beautiful too X