Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crochet KOBO Sleeve.

I have had a lot of reading time with my lovely KoBo, you know one of those e-readers...A gift from YS and DIL.. down load the book and away you go, to find a quiet place to lose yourself in the story :)).  So I thought it needed a sleeve to sit in..
crochet a little flower ..

Looking snazy..

The members on Australiacrochet were discussing the Sharp hook, for when you need to go through material and there are no holes...This addy was in a message so I thought I would give it a go as I love to crochet edges on hankies.. I bought a couple to try it out..(hankies that is :))
Little pattern book came with it..

close up of the hook..
Sewing is another passion of mine, with the couple of colder rainy days we have had made it a pleasure to be able to try out a couple of patterns I have never made ... Well this one was in the to hard basket until I found a Tutorial on Youtube... Flying Geese  I made a sampler ,so easy.. One seam ... I couldn't believe it.. Of course now I am on the hunt for the right material to start my on quilt..

Happy crafting to you all :))


Pammy Sue said...

Cute little Kobo cover. I love my e-reader too. Nice to be able to choose a book at midnight when you can't sleep and start reading right away. Isn't technology wonderful? I have one of those sharp hooks but have never used it. I will one day!

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Pretty cover :-)
Have fun with your new hook!

Ben said...

Good work Mum ;)

Faith said...

Your KOBO sleeve is lovely flower and all...I like the color too..I had a givaway for the sharp hook a while back, I received one to try it out..The material I wanted to edge I think was to thick or something and I wasn't impressed with it. One day I will try again with hanky like material I think it will be fine with that. Your sky in your banner...straight from God's Coloring book....gorgeous... blessings to you dear friend.

glor said...

Lovely sleeve, love the flower embellishment.

Jaclyn said...

Pretty cover! Can't wait to see your flying geese quilt. I too love sewing but am very new to it. Haven't done a quilt but would love to one day. Have a lovely week.

Anita said...

I love your kobo cover, the flower is cute. Now that you've done the wild geese, you know that you're hooked now and there's no turning back. lol. I've done wild geese before and it's amazing how simple it really is and looks stunning.
Cheers, Anita.