Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wips keep turning up..

I decided this new year I would finish a wip or two..
For every new project I start, I have to make moves to finish a wip...I was encouraged by reading Richards Blog, he has a Wip Wednesday.. You can find  Richard Here.   
There are 6 Wips that I have found for this first 6 months..

Crochet with Bendigo Pure wool.Only have the sleeves to finish.
This tea cloth has been in the Wip bag for to many years..but now I can't buy the colour I first used..
The pattern book..
Another Bendigo Pure wool 8ply..
Butterfly edging for linen tea cloth..
Baby shawl..

Last one .. A very pretty insertion of roses..
There you have it, all 6, can I do it???  I'll give it a go :))  and keep you up to date on what is progressing :))
have a great week everyone..
and I'll  See you at your place............


Crissi said...

Beautiful works!

Tania @ Out Back said...

You do have some wips to finish off, and I think you can do it. By the time these ones are finished the next ones will be waiting :)

They are lovely items, bad luck about the cotton not being available that you used for your tea cloth...

Debi Y. said...

You can do it Pat. But if you're really not into any project - just do what I do - frog it. They're all very pretty by the way. :)

Faith said...

all 6 look lovely....and very won't get bored that's for sure. Have a great w/e
my dear friend.

Richard Rose said...

Looks like you're going to be busy for a while. Your pattern for the Daffodil Tea Cloth looks bigger than mine. I had to scan mine in so that I could blow up the chart so that I could read it. I suppose that's what I get for picking up free patterns from Spotlight.

Merchy said...

Yes, you can!
I have several wips too, I'll have a go together with you in this challenge...

knitalatte said...

You've been very busy with your lovely projects.
I love the colors you are using for the sweaters. Hugs, Karen