Friday, January 13, 2012

Molly Wilson..

Today like so many of Molly's followers and friends, I received an e-mail from her husband Jay .. Molly has passed away..
I enjoyed Molly's posts and her book readings , I don't recall her complaining, only apologising for not posting..
 Molly will be missed but remembered always..


jontina said...

That is so sad Pat,and I have to agree totally with your sentiments.. A lovely lady sadly missed..

Merchy said...

Completely agree.
It is a sad time for all of us.
Thanks for the nice post Pat.
Merchy xxx

Faith said...

Hi Pat, I also received the email from her Husband..I'm am so sorry for his loss. You are right..never complained, not once. I'm sure she is moving them hooks, and smiling down on us all. It was so very nice of him to email each one of her contacts...very nice and I'm sure very difficult.

One pair of Hands said...

That is so sad. I'm sorry for his loss too.