Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Started with a message on FaceBook.

The dolls at the child minding centre didn't have any clothes..   Oh dear... can't have that .. Sooooo.
singlet, undies and hat.
Into the craft room I ran, rummaging through yarn and looking for needles and a pattern or two . I found some very old patterns and started knitting :))  AND..
.......It was on  Aussie Maria's blog I was reading about all those cute little patterns for babies and it struck me to make a" hug me tight "for the doll..

pretty cute .
It was so easy to make and looks so cute in pink.

I crocheted the cap, just a smaller version of an adults pattern..  it was a lot of fun . So at least now one of the dolls has clothes... :))
Cheers everyone, and thank you for stopping by and leaving lovely comments.. I will see you at your place :))


One pair of Hands said...

An excuse to knit doll's clothes (as if you really need one) what fun. Congratulations on the hug-me-tight, so easy for little fingers to put on a doll.

Tania @ Out Back said...

What a great thing to do Patta's. Dolls clothes is about all I can handle to make as I get too impatient with bigger items.

Dolly looks lovely...

Crissi said...

oh it's very nice,
greet Crissi

Debi Y. said...

That's such a nice thing to do Pat - just think of the little girl with a smile on her face who will love dressing up her dolly. :)

Maria said...

So cute, and a fantastic idea, and so clever to adapt for a doll. I really want to make this pattern too.
Funny cause I just made a Sleeveless Hug-Me-Tight from the vintage patterns

vikki said...

So very little child will love playing with the doll. How neat is that hug me tight..I love it

Pammy Sue said...

I don't know why, but I can't see the picture. Just the names of them. I'll try again tomorrow!

pattas said...

@Pammy Sue.. I seem to have this problem from time to time.. I hope you will be able to view it tomorrow :))
thankyou to all , I have enjoyed making the dolls clothes :))

Lia said...

Hello, Patricia. Nice to see all the garments you made for that/your doll!
And I will check out that site with the pattern of the slippers!
I like them!
dear greetings, Lia

Charlotte said...

Great idea and a great cause.