Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy days :))

Yes I am like a kid in a toy shop, my parcel of Bendigo wool has arrived, and I am loving it :))
The pattern is for knitting, but......I like the collar on the jacket.. 8ply in 200 gram balls excellent  to work with and not many of those annoying joins..:))
I prefer to make my own jackets or cardies, as they fit better and the right colour.. Very satisfying to make your own garments, don't you agree ??

2 more knee or baby rugs completed, I had a few blue granny squares left over 36 in all,  decided to make a small rug, the variegated rug is a vst pattern , very easy & quick to make. It took 2 balls of 8ply synthetic yarn.
close up of v st :))
The sun has been shining again today, the chef and I have been busy in the garden.. The weeds grow no matter the weather..
Our first crop of peas are in, and covered with netting to stop the cats digging in the garden and the birds taking the seed..
                                       That's it from me ..
Enjoy your weekend where ever you are :))


Debi Y. said...

It's always exciting to get new yarn in the mail. Have fun with it. Your baby rugs look pretty. :)

vikki said...

I just love getting the mail when I know something good is waiting..I have never crocheted any clothing for myself..for others yes..I am not sure I can..I may have to give it a shot..

One pair of Hands said...

Ahh Bendigo Knitting Mills, my favourite supplier. Lovely quality and good prices. When you work out the cost of your handmade garment, balancing up workmanship, fit etc. I think it's the better way to go