Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Beautiful Day spent with family.

suspension Bridge over the Gorge
 Hydrangeas at Gorge Grounds.
Can this be in the middle of Launceston?
The Gorge Launceston.
Sharing a few pics of a great day spent with family..
Looking back to the City of Launceston.
There are so many walks to explore, great food from the restaurant , and a swimming pool for those who want to have a dip on a hot day..
Fabulous day :))


Maria said...

Oh it looks so beautiful - I love the ruggedness(?)of our country. The urge to visit is very very strong

Teen2 said...

Know it well.. Been there many times, never fails to inspire... Beautiful.. :))

Kerrie said...

What beautiful pictures! Thank you for your visit and comments! I do love the little squirrel, he is such a character! Hugs, K

Clara said...

I just could not go on the bridge but love the hydrangeas!