Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lizard in my garden

can you see the lizard on the basket?
What a beautiful day it has been.. The last few have been a preview of what summer is going to be....... I come alive when the sun comes out, and I don't want to stay indoors..
So much to do in the garden, lovely walks to the river for a picnic and maybe a photo or two..
                                                        I did manage a pic or two after mowing the
grass.. and turning over a new garden , I am planting Calendula on mass,not just for the beautiful colour of orange , but because Tina and I make a salve from it..
A few flowers in my garden.

I have made a couple of small Christmas stockings for a Friend 
who will post them on to a crochet charity..
small Christmas stocking..

 Well thats it's for now, cuppa time and a bit more crocheting :)) Till next time, thanks for dropping by, I would love it if you would leave a message..


Dorothy said...

Hi Pat

Your little stocking looks great. Thanks for helping out with the 'challenge'. I did another 2 this afternoon and quite enjoy the almost instant gratification of a FO !! Your garden also looks fabulous and I must congratulate you on your photography. You're certainly a multi skilled lady.

Debi Y. said...

Your gardens have some beautiful flowers in them. And the little stocking is cute. :)


Beautiful Photos! I especially like the little lizard :-)

Faith said...

just barely..he is a little fellow..It would take me awhile to get used to that...I don't know. Your banner is beautiful and bursing with color and nature very pretty....

glor said...

What a sweet little stocking. The flowers in your garden are beautiful, what a wonderful sight!

jane.lewis said...

Are the stockings filled with lollies?
Photos are outstanding, especially in the collage format.
Lizard is too little for my eyes...

Jane :-)

pattas said...

Thankyou all for your comments I really apreciate them all.. As for the stockings being filled with lollies, Jane, I reckon they will be ..:))
The Lizard wouldn't stop still long enough for me to get a cute pic of it, but I can assure you it is there :)) Have a great Week everyone :))