Sunday, October 31, 2010

Found a Bargain..

The other side of my craftiness ,is quilting , sewing, etc.. To my utter delight when shopping at our local St Vinnies Store, my DH spotted this little beauty.... I have always wanted an overlocker, but $500 for a new model , well it was on the wish list LOL..

 Not any more this was only , are you ready for it? $40.00..................... I couldn't pass it by... and now all I have to do is work out how to thread it.. Thankfully I have a friend who is very wise when it comes to machines of the sewing kind.. and I know I will have all the help I need..
crazy hearts.


LiaGovers said...

I like your new header! Nice work, like also this heart.

Jane L said...

OH my Stars!!! Lucky you!

Teen2 said...

Wow, that was a bargain.. Do i know this clever person with machines?? lol.. :))

pattas said...

Thanks ladies, @Tina, yes you are the person, so roll up the sleeves and get ready to teach me :))