Saturday, January 25, 2014

A little crochet ..

A little crochet... I love this crochet book.. Sylvia Cosh patterns are easy to follow, I am making another jacket The pattern is Midnight Circles.. I have made it before.. It is crocheted in one piece, chs are added for the sleeves..

A project on the go .. crochet in Cotton .. using up small amounts to make a Mile a Minute rug...Very relaxing while watching The Tennis ..

A little sewing....New peg bag made from a small T-Towel..

Blue Berries from 2 bushes... vac sealed and in the freezer.. Aprox 4kgs  all up.. So delish with Lactose free Icecream..

Grape vine .....It looks like we will have a bumper crop again this year..

A few travel pics taken on the way to the Block last week :)) I love the cloud formation..

Railway house...

 The hills....It was raining on the day, a little strange after the hot days we have had ..

I wonder if there are any trout in this man made lake..

Thats it from me I am off to make a recipe Pammy Sue has on her blog

"Happy Australia Day to all in Aus.. "
Hugs pat :))

Well I have made the cake so here are a few pics.. by the way it is very yummy..

Cake made with Gluten Free Flour ..
Ready for the oven..
Oh my just look at that...
So delish :))

So there you have it or rather see it lol... Chef loves it :)) Thanks Pammy Sue :))


Debi Y. said...

Happy Australia Day to you Pat.

p.s. I'm jealous of your warm weather. :)

hester horden said...

Hoi Patricia, ik ga je volgen, ik las je net bij mijn tweelingzus Jenneke. Je hebt ook een prachtig blog zeg.Geweldige foto`s, ik geniet ervan. Lieve groetjes Hester

Astri Bowlin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Pattas! I want some of those yummy lookign blueberries. mmmmm...Looks like you have been up to all kinds of good. :-)

Astri Bowlin said...

I'm jealous of the weather too!

Maria said...

You've certainly been very busy :-) Love your photos showing the views.

Pammy Sue said...

So glad you tried it and liked it! It turned out really pretty too.