Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home made Tomato Chutney

My pantry is bursting with the delights of our garden.
This time it is Tom Chutney, and it is beautiful.. Love it on hot buttered toast :))
Again made with Black Russian Tomatoes, garlic, from our garden..
We have had to pick our grapes early this season as the birds are having a real picnic..
The Chef hopes to be making grape juice from, and  grapes our good friends T&J so freely gave to us..
Don't they look wonderful?? I can tell you they are so sweet and juicy ..

But now a little crochet..
A visit to a wool shop in the city today , (which I would describe as an Aladins Cave of every fibre and colour of yarn one could use ) I settled for 6 balls (50gr) of Wendy, Peter Pan, DK..
I just have to make the most cutest baby dress pattern .. Dorothy pointed me into the direction of Etsy for this and I will post a pic when I have completed it..

Another pot holder from this Mama's site, It is crocheted in Sugar and Cream and is thick It would also make a great dish cloth..
I think thats it from me for now, enjoy the rest of your week..


Dorothy said...

Yummy looking chutney and yummy looking wool. Will be lovely for the little dress. Look forward to seeing it.

Faith said...

My friend, love looking at the delights of your bountiful harvest. I have never had tomatoe chutney, it looks wonderful and savory. What a pretty dress that yarn will make, love that color combo, so pretty. I've never seen grapes in that form before, how wonderful to have a friend who gives you the grapes off the vine, how beautiful they are..simple blessings of harvest favorite time of the year...:)

Maria Aussie said...

The yarn will make a beautiful dress, can't wait to see it.
Have never tried tomato chutney

Tina said...

Love tomato chutney and looking forward to seeing how the grape juice goes... My grandchildren just love it.. Love the yarn Pat, so soft and the colours are great.. :)