Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shopping bags ..

A young man in one of our local stores was rather taken by one of my string shopping bags.. " I would use one if I could buy one" he said. "Oh" I said , would you ?
what colour would you like??"  "Black" was his reply.. 
bag in pouch.

 So... here it is :))

Of course I didn't stop at one .. here is a link to  A Pattern of a similar bag..

Paton's cotton. colours of Collingwood footy team :))
crocheted in synthetic yarn .
And a pic of my Orchids before I go ..

Not many this year..
Princess Lauren ..


Dorothy said...

Your shopping bag looks so much nicer than the one I think I'm about to frog !! I'm not happy with the round bit as its flaring quite a bit and doesn't look very nice. Can you let me know what yarn and pattern you used please? Love your orchids .. just beautiful.

glor said...

Love the bag in a pouch. Orchids are lovely!

Pammy Sue said... can grow orchids outside at your place. How wonderful. They're very pretty. Could never do that here. Cute little market bags!

One pair of Hands said...

Your little crochet shopping bags are very useful Pat. I feel so smug when I refuse a plastic one because I have the bag you gave me.
I love your orchids. I like mine too but so do the slugs & snails. Do you have this problem?

pattas said...

thankyou ladies..
@ Dorothy.. 4ply cotton with 9ch in the bag making and there is a link on the link.
@ Pammy Sue.. These Orchids are under a roof hence not a lot of blooms a little to shady ..
@ One Pair of Hands..So pleased you use and like your bag, :))
As for the snails, I use pet and child friendly snail bait.. Keep an eye out for "CrochetandOrchids" Blog as this weekend we have an Orchid show in Launceston..

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

They are nice little bags.
Wow those orchids look very pretty.

T's Daily Treasures said...

So great that it comes in its own little pouch. Those would definitely make great gifts. Have a great week. Tammy

Faith said...

Hello my friend, happy spring to you...I thought of you the other day when at the grocery store..they had Orchids in the flower dept. Yours are bag,,,,nice idea and would come in very handy.

Kerrie said...

Oh My! The orchids are gorgeous! I love your mesh bags, too. Have a most wonderful Sunday! Hugs

DaCraftyLady said...

I love these shopping bags but wonder how to stop the handles from stretching I thought maybe adding fabric?

Lia said...

Very nice to know that man wanted one too, a black one.
I am using mine - give away from your side - too! Very good bag.
Patricia: you are now (20th of Oct. 2011) between the giveaway-winners on my blog!
I still have your adress over here and will send you a doily next week! Dear greetings,

Kerrie said...

Where are you??? I am missing your posts and worrying about you. Hugs and luv, Kerrie