Sunday, June 5, 2011

A few pics ..

A few tams for winter..
Mitts for the hands .

Leaf or croc st..
 Love this colour..
It is a lovely wet day here in my part of the patch :))
A relaxing day for crocheting ...knitting... sewing.. 

The jug is on the boil time for a cuppa..
see you at your place:))


Debi Y. said...

All of your projects look very pretty - I really like the pink mitts. :)

Faith said...

Hi Pat,

lovely crochet as always...enjoy your cuppa...and I'll join you...lets sit and chit chat awhile...:)

Pammy Sue said...

All of your things are so pretty. You know I am partial to those gloves though. Very pretty in pink. I look like a dork in any hat. They are just no good on me.

jontina said...

lovely work as always Pat.. Beautiful colours... :))


merhabalar, harika bere ve eldivenler..Ellerine sağlık.sevgiler.

vikki said...

love the pink mitts..lovely work.

RonJoe 'Geezer' said...

Nice pics. My wife would love the purple one :-)

Kerrie said...

Pat, Everything you make is so beautiful!!I love visiting and getting inspired. Your colors are so vivid and I love all the wonderful lavender and purple shades! I have been having lots of trouble commenting on blogs for about 3 weeks so I hope you get this. Much love and hugs, Kerrie