Monday, February 21, 2011

Grape Jam

First Pickings..
The grapes have been picked from one vine and the jam made.. Not a lot of grapes about a 2 lbs.
I love home made jam , but, the tedium of plucking the grapes from the bunch.. The end result is worth every little grape..
not a very good pic..
Can't wait to road test it... :))
Here is the recipe my mum used .. By the way it is in old measurements.
6lbs of grapes.
juice of a couple of lemons.
4lbs Sugar...
Hope you are enjoying a crafty day :))
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glor said...

Sounds and looks so very good. Think I'll join you for some toast and jam! Have a nice day.

Faith said...

I've got my cuppa and some toast...ready for some of your lovely looks scrumptious..bounty from your own hand...wonderful...a simple joy from your abundance..

Teen2 said...

Yummo... What time is afternoon tea??