Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Curry making

I know you saying "What has this to do with crochet?" Well nothing really, except to say this is what hubbie made today. The old grinder has a story of its own.. but another day .
log cabin crochet rug.

Waynes rug with edging completed..
All wrapped and under the tree.. very satisfying.
Thankyou all , for leaving a message, I love reading them..  have a blessed week:))


Faith said...

All such beautiful and colorful work...what a lovely surprise to open up. I don't know that I have ever ate curry. Looking forward to the post and mayhap a recipe?

Denise said...

I had one of those old grinders. It was my grandmothers. I left it with my son when I moved cross country. Wonder if I'll be able to get it back.

Your crochet is very lovely.

Denise said...

Hi, thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. To answer your question this is a link to double knitting.

When I get to the red and black hat, I'm going to have SO video some of it for blogging.

One pair of Hands said...

I'm emotionally tied to my old grinder as my Nana gave it to us for a wedding present nearly 50 years ago. It still gets used now and again.
I do like your rug for Wayne. The stitch is intrigueing and the colour blend is lovely. Is the log cabin rug the one from your last post? It's an effective treatment of an old favourite.
I love curry if it's not too hot.

pattas said...

Thnks to all for your lovely comments.. @One pair of Hands:)) yes the log cabin rug is from a previous post, and the old grinder is worth its weight in gold.. The best find yet :))

Faith said...

The link for the gingerbread house pattern. You have wait for it snail mail though...:( no downloading it..which is a nice feature.
I hope this works. If not just type in gourmet crochet, or crochet gingerbread house patterns