Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas crochet and felt flowers

 So it is only a matter of a few weeks............. till Christmas.....
Are you ready??? or are you like me still a little behind in gift making??
I love home made :))  and I love giving to my family and friends the items I have chosen to make for them...

Little stocking for a gift tag..
 I used a 1.65 crochet hook for this cotton DMC made in France.. I have had this for some years now and only use it for Christmas crochet. I actually bought a box of six from a garage sale... Lucky?? I would say so :))

They are small and easy to make..from this book.
The crochet cotton for the fan is Sullivans Royal Rayon 3 ply ..

Basket of flowers.
The basket of flowers was crocheted using Anchor Perle cotton 8

 Felted flowers these can be made into a brooch...

You will need a glue gun for these, and can be made in no time.. Love them..
I found so many felted flowers on YouTube.. what a great place for learning crafts..

 Whether you crochet Knit or sew this is a valuable page to share.  Bevs page .

The garden is in full swing now with most of the summer range of vegie plants in... The garlic has been harvested and will be ready  for preserving in a few days.. The raspberries, Blueberries and strawberries have been netted to keep the birds away.. looking forward to a bountiful harvest..:))
 has another great recipe for a summer drink plus her blog is full of useful
info check it out , you wont be disappointed

Let me know what you are making for Christmas all ideas welcome as are your comments :)) Enjoy the day ...........


Tania @ Out Back said...

Beautiful work as usual Pattas.

I am not ready for Christmas. I wait until after the 1st December, which happens to be my birthday, before thinking about Christmas. I don't make or buy gifts anymore. To me Christmas is all about spending time with family. I give my four adult children the gift of money to buy what they want...too easy :)

I miss doing the crafty work though. I must sort out my rumpus room(junk room) and make that into somewhere where I can shut myself away and create :)

Tanya Murray said...

Busy busy! Seems your hooks never are still for very long. Dh's Christmas cheese sounds fascinating. I hope you will share that soon too.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm always behind and never get done all that I want. Oh well! Lovely projects. Love those felted flowers. Best wishes, Tammy