Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soap Nuts..

No I haven't gone nutty, LOL..I will forgive you if you think I have.. :))
A friend told me about this marvellous site on the pc a product (for the want of a better word) to save money and give your clothes a great wash.......
Had to try it ...It works.. :))

 Making the liquid soap..

After using 500 mls of water and about 15 shells , this is what it made.. The nuts can be used in cold water also..

I am pleased with the outcome of these nuts , which by the way can be put into the compost after use. :)) the water can be used on the garden, which is an added bonus in the summer months :))
I don't have any connections with ppl at, just passing on infomation I found useful.......................
Have a great week end what ever you may doing :))
A smile goes for miles :))


One pair of Hands said...

Thanks for this post Pat. I bought some soap-nuts a year ago and haven't had the courage to try them. You have spurred me on. I love the idea that the washing water can go on to the garden without damage to the environment.

Kerrie said...

I have never heard of these! How interesting!

pattas said...

They work a treat and I recomend them to you :)) plus it helps other folk in other lands..