Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Winter is on the way :))

In my part of the world winter is coming (I think lol..) They say frost on  Anzac day morning brrr....   The fire has been lit and I can relax a little to start crocheting more baby clothes for my YS and DIL..

Dropped into  St Vinnies last week and found a couple of packets of wool and cotton that took my eye.... just had to have ..

Not sure what I will make with it but couldn't walk past.. I know I did say no more till I use up my stash ... LOL... Yeah right :))

Christmas colours ..

Love this book couldn't believe the year :))

A new scarf made on the broomstick pattern.
A couple of new baby dressed are in the making and will post when they are finished.. There are so many wonderful patterns out there in blog land.

Here is a cute owl pattern for your mug  Owl Pattern here

I am not having much luck with pattern... all help greatly accepted :))

Thats it :))

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Keeping warm on these cold mornings.

Just had to crochet a cover for the hottie bottle..Back view.

Front View..

Did I tell you about the Sweet Potatoes..??   
I have to admit I have never grown them to harvest..So this year we have one in the plastic tunnel.. The  flower is so pretty and I have about a dozen growing in water (so they will shoot) ready for planting out..:)) After reading Tania of the outback post of her harvest so inspiring.

A little crochet I am trying to work out.. will get back to you when I get it right LOL..
Thats it from me for today.. Have a great crafty weekend :))