Sunday, November 9, 2014

On the Hook..

The hook has been moving, but not as fast as I would like :)) With a little Grandaughter due in the next week (?) I should be hooking frantically...
But I have been making 10"squares...
I love this pattern. It comes from Ravelry... I just made it into a 10"square.
   Here   is where you can find the pattern..


Not sure about this one.I will call it Wheel in a square...

Corner square.

And then you just have to try something different.. I think this is called Fisherman's ring...

                                        21 squares later.. with 4 from friends..

Something from the garden... It is so pretty this time of year.. when the heat hits, it will be all gone...

Hope you enjoyed just a few of the beautiful Iris in our garden this season.

Till next time happy crafting :))

Monday, September 29, 2014

Button crochet flowers.

An interesting way of using up those buttons.. especially when they look like this..Here  I have a box , a large box , some that were from my Mothers collection, some that I have collected on the way..
 crochet buttons along with my tools of trade :))
 Of course the larger the hole the easier it is to pull the cotton through.
I used 4ply and #10 cotton..
Had a lot of fun making these, they will brighten up many projects..

2o down 22 to go, then the smaller rounds that join it all together..

It can be a problem having WIPS in bags.. remembering what hook was used ..  I think it was Dorothy over at  Hooks n Grannies  who suggested to place a note of the hook size in the bag.
Great idea !
I seem to have lots of sticky notes around LOL...

Thats it.... Have a great week .. till next time :)) hugs pat ..